IDEA Regulatory Ensures Continuity for Clients Amid Coronavirus

| by Tamsyn Frost

The global coronavirus pandemic, or COVID-19, has brought about both a health crisis as well as personal and business uncertainty. Yet bringing new life saving and life changing products to market remains a pressing priority. Patients are waiting for cures and their needs cannot be postponed.

As a leader in providing regulatory affairs expertise and EU legal representation for clinical trials and orphan drug developers, IDEA Regulatory understands just how crucial it is that the drug development process is not unduly interrupted. Our processes and systems are set up to enable us to work remotely so we can continue to deal with all client activities consistently and securely.

At this time of uncertainty for everyone, we also understand how important it is to connect and actually see the people who are supporting your regulatory and legal needs. As such, we’ve set up web-based meeting capabilities so we can have face-to-face meetings through video conferences. This also enables us to provide real-time visual updates to you and to offer the reassurance we know is so important right now.

One significant concern many clinicians and orphan drug developers have is how the crisis will impact clinical studies. IDEA Regulatory is happy to talk to any organisation or individual to help you work through these concerns. We have extensive experience working with regulators to address regulatory and legal issues and we’re happy to reach out to those authorities on your behalf to ask the right questions and provide you with the information you need to plan your clinical trial strategy.

Throughout this unsettling time, our team stands ready to provide you with the support and services you need. We will continue to monitor developments in this rapidly changing situation, ensuring we are taking all necessary precautions to protect our staff, our clients, and the products and projects that are so important to patients in need.

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